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Lake Caumasee

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Lake Caumelaax Danuser Gallery

Lake Caumasee (© LAAX / Gaudenz Danuser)

If you ever tire of beach vacations, decamp immediately to the Alpine waters of Lake Caumasee, referred to as Lake Cauma by the locals. Renowned as one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland and home to crystal clear, turquoise-hued water, she's without doubt, a hidden gem.

Not a typical Alpine lake of chilly waters, Lake Cauma's waters are sourced from warm springs making it surprisingly tepid for a swim on a warm summer's day.

Take a dip, paddle one of the many crafts, or saunter a stroll around the Alpine forests which flank Lake Cauma's shores. You can also indulge in traditional fare while sitting on the sun-drenched terraces overlooking scenes of aquatic pleasure beyond.

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