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What do Meimo, Amelia, Jambolina and Napa († 4.11.2020) all have in common? They are the four-legged friends and first dwellers of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary, Bärenland - a 30,000-square meter bear sanctuary where rescued bears from Serbia and Albania are rehabilitated.

The first bear park in Switzerland, Graubunden, where Arosa lies, was once home to many wild bears which is why the symbol of the bear appears on many Graubunden emblems.

Immersing yourself in all things ‘bear’ is the only way to explore here! Children can learn all about the stories of their rescued bear friends at the bear school playground, along the adventure path, while playing miniature-golf or at the Weisshorn bear photo lookout.



Learn everything a bear cub needs to know at ‘bear school’! Can you growl like a bear? Balance on logs without falling off? Crawl through narrow tunnels? Build a hut? At bear school, little human ‘cubs’ can learn and practice all there is to know about climbing, balancing, jumping, sliding, and hiding in Bärenland’s very own bear school.


Adventure path

Glide across the suspended adventure path, with its eight viewing platforms. The ideal place to discreetly observe Amelia, Meimo, and Jambolina while enjoying breathtaking views of the Arosa Mountains. Connected by suspension bridges, visitors can see their bear friends from a new perspective while learning all there is to know about bears.


Weisshorn bear

The ultimate photo opportunity is at 2,653 meters (8704 ft) above sea level!

At the photo point on the Weisshorn peak you can take exclusive souvenir photos and capture incomparable moments at one of Arosa's most beautiful places. Take a wish ribbon and tie it to the fur of the Arosa Weisshorn Bear which stands proudly while overlooking Arosa’s mountains and valleys beyond. Don't forget to make a wish after you've attached the ribbon!


Miniature golf

Boasting beautiful views, Bärenland’s miniature golf course tells the story of a bear’s diet.


Try not to get too hungry as you overcome twelve obstacles in preparation for hibernation! The fewer strokes you take, the less effort required and the more winter fat you will have! You even have the chance at some stations to gain extra winter reserves. Keep playing until you reach your winter cave at the end, well fed, and in perfect shape for hibernation.

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