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Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides
Bad Ragaz

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Some come to Graubunden for the lakes and others for the train rides, but its real beauty lies in taking a horse-drawn carriage through the glacial lands of Dischma Valley and the lush green meadows of Maienfeld.


Approximately 12 km in length, Dischma Valley is home to one of the longest tributary valleys in Davos. The river that carves the valley's base is called the Dischmabach and is fed by a glacier. Icy cold and clear as glass, it's a popular place for hikers, but the true way to reach this enchanting destination of bright green pastures, snow-capped mountains and quaint little huts is by a horse-drawn carriage.


Only a 45-minute drive from Dischma Valley through the mountains to Bad Ragaz is another glorious spot to take a horse-drawn carriage among the lush, green landscapes.

For the ultimate experience, enjoy a gourmet picnic while relaxing and taking in the views through the terraced vineyards of Maienfeld to Heidiland itself. A perfect setting to indulge in a picnic of Swiss specialties served along the way.

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