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Rhaetian Railway


Rhaetian Railway

The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) is a mountain railroad network whose lines connect Italy to Switzerland via a long labyrinth of wide valleys, tunnels, and winding mountain routes. Railfans can enjoy a number of experiences ranging from UNESCO World Heritage Sites, steam trains, luxury Pullman cars, open scenic carriages, and gourmet dining cars, to name a few.

The Rhaetian Railway is home to two of the most famous railway lines in the world:
The Glacier Express and Bernina Express. The Glacier Express is touted as the
“Slowest Fast Train in the World". It includes an eight-hour panoramic journey, which traverses the Swiss Alps from St. Moritz to Zermatt, crossing over 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels along the way.

The Bernina Express is another sightseeing line that winds its way through the Bernina Range down to Tirano, Italy. Renowned as the highest railway to cross the Alps, the journey climbs up to the glistening glaciers before descending to the palms of Italy far below. The line between Thusis-Valposchiavo-Tirano has UNESCO World Heritage Status. Thanks to the modern panoramic cars, guests can enjoy unrestricted views of the unspoiled Alpine vistas beyond.

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