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Traveling to Graubunden is easy thanks to its proximity (1-2 hours’ drive) to Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein. Furthermore, Graubunden is only a 6.5-hour direct flight from Dubai, making it an easy and accessible destination.

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The closest major city to Graubunden is Zurich. Many flights and trains operate direct journeys to Zurich. Chur is the capital of Graubunden and its largest town. Many trains also travel directly to Chur. If traveling first to Zurich, Chur is a direct train ride away on the SBB train network.

Below you will find all the information you need to prepare for your arrival in Graubunden.

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Traveling by Car:

If you are coming from another European destination, reaching Graubunden by road is an excellent way to get into vacation mode. Graubunden's vast network of well-maintained roads and highways make traveling around easy. Our route planner shows you the fastest way to reach your vacation destination. Graubunden has reliable roadside assistance with major brands plus reliable cell phone coverage.

You will find car rental companies at major airports and central city locations, with selections to suit your needs and budget.

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Traveling by Train:

Switzerland's public transportation network is among the world’s best and safest, getting from A to B quickly, reliably, and safely. A train journey through Graubunden is the perfect introduction to your mountain vacation—carrying you past towering peaks, shimmering lakes, quaint villages, spectacular UNESCO heritage sites and through lush green valleys and ancient glacial landscapes.

Take a direct train from Paris, Milan, Munich, Hamburg or Vienna to the heart of Graubunden. The journey is comfortable and offers several daily departures to accommodate your schedule. Most international trains offer dining cars or a bistro, power outlets, and newspaper service.

Indulge in wanderlust and take a break from your daily routine. With the commissioning of the Gotthard Base Tunnel, guests traveling from Italy now arrive in Switzerland much quicker and feeling more relaxed. It takes travellers less than 3 1/2 hours to arrive in Zurich from Milan and there are 8 departures per day. From Zurich, there are easy connections to the regions and towns of Graubunden.

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The high-speed train service TGV Lyria combines the very best of French and Swiss culture—speed, precision, competence, a warm welcome, excellent catering, and 1st class service. TGV Lyria is a subsidiary of SBB and SNCF and is responsible for the marketing of TGV trains operating between Switzerland and France.

Guests who have a Swiss Travel System ticket receive discounts on travel tickets from France.

Travel aboard one of German Railway's (DB) comfortable ICE trains and enjoy direct routes to Zurich and Chur from Munich.

The fleet of the Austrian Federal Railways (OBB) transport you to Switzerland in a swift and comfortable manner. Night trains link the imperial city of Vienna, as well as Graz and Villach, to Zurich, which allows you to arrive the next morning rested and ready to explore. Also, OBB's premium rail service "Railjet" takes travellers from Vienna, Salzburg or Innsbruck to Zurich in 2-hour-intervals daily. As usual, perfect connections from Zurich to the rest of Switzerland are guaranteed.

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Traveling by Plane:

Zurich Airport is one of Europe's air traffic hubs and is served by numerous airlines. Additionally, it is ideally connected to the public transport network, guaranteeing a seamless post-flight journey to Graubunden. Numerous airports in and around Graubunden include Friedrichshafen (DE), Innsbruck (AUT), St. Gallen-Altenrhein, Basel, and Samedan near St. Moritz.


Traveling by Private Aircraft:

If traveling by private aircraft, then Lugano Airport and St. Moritz Airport welcome you. Many of Graubunden's hotels and resorts have helicopter access. However, to land without authorization, helipads must be below 1000 meters.


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