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Rhine Gorge
Flims Laax

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Experience Switzerland’s little ‘Grand Canyon’ up close and personal when you board the adventure train with open observation carriages. The journey takes you on a leisurely ride along the raging riverside and through the wild craggy landscapes of the Rhine Gorge. Those up for the challenge can also choose to raft, hike, bike or kayak this magnificent geological landscape.


Train and Hike:

Leave your car at Reichenau station and catch the train from platform 3. The half-hour train ride follows the upper course of the Rhine via Versam and Valendas to Llanz. Enjoy magnificent views of steep limestone cliffs and oversized boulders, all from the comfort of your carriage.


Stop at Trin to walk the longest suspension bridge in Graubunden, and savour the ice-cream at Ustria Trin Staziun, nestled in Trin's old railway station.

Continue your journey to Versam-Station, the best place for a hike, to see views of the Rhine Gorge. The path leads along the banks of the Rhine from Versam-Station to Valendas. Medium in difficulty, the walk takes around 90 minutes to complete.


Once you reach Valendas, visit the Gasthaus am Brunnen in the center of Valendas village for lunch before boarding the train for your final stop at Llanz.



Alternative routes

By car:

Start in Flims Laax Falera; drive to Valendas, Versam, Bonaduz, Tamins and back again (40 km; 24 mi) via either Llanz or Sagogn (short cut). Stop at a designated scenic viewpoint to look down into the depths of the gorge.


From the water:

Interested in seeing the Rhine gorge from an even more spectacular angle? There are canoeing and kayaking schools that offer a range of options for exploring the gorge from the water.

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