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LMS Globiweg 4 Gallery

Globi hiking trail (© Holiday Region Lenzerheide)

Notoriously famous in Switzerland's German-speaking areas, Globi is a cheerful and spirited mascot, often referred to as Switzerland's Mickey Mouse. With his yellow beak, black beret, and red and black checked trousers, he accompanies children and their families to explore the most beautiful places in Lenzerheide.

Opened in 2018, the newly renovated Globi Hiking Trail is located in the high valley of Lenzerheide and is made up of 13 stations where Globi playfully explains interesting facts about nature.

Families who follow in his trail will instantly love Globi’s fun and quirky manner, particularly when they can leave a message for him at the Globi Haus along the way!

Open from summer to autumn, the trail starts and ends at the Vai Sporz Valley Station. From there, take the chairlift up to the Tgantieni Mountain Station, where the start of the trail awaits.

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