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Swiss National Park

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Swiss National Park Hans Lozza Gallery

Nationalpark (© Schweizerischer Nationalpark / Hans Lozza)

Europe’s first national park dates back to the late 19th century. It amasses some 170 square kilometers (65 sq. miles) of natural landscape, completely untouched by human influence or development. It’s a concept that remains innovative to this day, with no human maintenance being carried out. In fact, authorities didn’t even intervene when a forest fire once swept through Switzerland’s National Park.


Home to thousands of animal and plant species, the Swiss National Park hosts guided excursions, nature trails, activities for children and exhibitions on Switzerland's wildlife.


The park boasts an 80-kilometer (49-mile) network of walking trails and, for the brave, a peak of 3,174 meters (10,413 ft) to summit. Expect to see ibexes, chamois, marmots, bearded vultures and golden eagles, not to mention countless other Switzerland wildlife.


Excursions aimed at children and families encourage even the smallest kids to discover the environment through play, with the Champlönch children’s trail being a favorite.


Those interested in photography and color must visit during October when Engadin's larch forests turn into a dazzling gold.

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