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Schellen Ursli

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Schellen Ursli (© Graubunden Tourism / Peter Donatsch)

After Heidi, the book, Schellen-Ursli (A Bell for Ursli), is the most famous Swiss children's story.

Buy or borrow the book at any store or library in the Engadin, then take a walk along the Schellen-Ursli Trail (Scuol) to live out your imaginations. The 45-minute walk takes you from Salastrains to the Heidi Hut and then on to Vorher, St. Moritz.

Along the way, picture boards and wooded sculptures tell the Engadin boy's story with the cowbell and, of course, the scenery is nothing short of enchanting. As you might expect of a trail devoted to such a delightful story.

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