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Lake Zervreila

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Lake Zervreila (© Graubunden Tourism / Stefan Schlumpf)

The wild, rocky Vais Valley and its side valleys serve as an irresistible invitation to get outdoors and soak up the serenity. The 3-lake-hike offers stunning views: Zervreila, Amperveilsee, Guraletschsee and Selvasee plus the Zervreilahorn (Graubunden's version of the famous Matterhorn).


Upon your return, stop at an alpine dairy to taste the Alps’ finest cheese. If you are looking for a bit more of a challenge, hike around Lake Zervreila, which is dammed and easily reached by car. Be sure to keep a lookout for shiny stones upon your way—Vais Valley is renowned for its rare crystals.

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