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St. Moritz

St. Moritz certainly needs no introduction. Although to be fair, its fame is probably more synonymous with winter. After all, it holds one of the world’s grandest ski resorts—a glitterati stomping ground for the rich and famous.

Before it rose to stardom, it was just a small town in the Engadin Valley, more renowned for its summertime activities and healing mineral springs.

Of course, revered beginnings don't come without good reason. Today St. Moritz is a place of astonishing beauty, not only during winter but also during the sunny summer months.

From the end of March until the beginning of October, St. Moritz’s green pastures blossom with wildflowers and sunny days overwhelm the terrain, creating optimal conditions for time well spent outdoors.

And whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or want to relax in total luxury (or do a bit of both)—St. Moritz offers something for everyone.

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