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Bernhard-Simonstrasse - 7310 Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
+41 81 303 30 30 - [email protected]

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For the ultimate destination in aquatic rejuvenation, stay at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. A beautiful hotel themed around the ancient traditions of bathing. For the Swiss, it's home away from home—the largest and most comprehensive spa resort in the country—a place to unwind, eat well, bathe and chat in the sauna. For guests, it's a place to consult the 70-person team of medical specialists and therapists on all things wellness and water.

No matter your goal, the 36.5°C (97.7°F) thermal waters of the Tamina Gorge are integrated into every aspect of your stay and well-being. Other activities include bobbing around blissfully in one of the resort's many pools for rejuvenating the body in steam rooms, saunas, and ice baths.

Take the kids to the newly opened Family Spa, and watch their excitement as they play out their aquatic dreams. Rustic rock scenery transports them to the 'Tamina Gorge' where they can imagine dragons hissing clouds of steam. A wooden alpine cabin harks back to the days of Heidi, and a pool with swimming mermaids are just some of the fun guaranteed. Of course, the kids can do much more than simply splash and frolic to their heart's content. The spa's wellness menu also offers treatments, including the Funny Choco and the Sweet Honey massage.

The Bad Ragaz home mountain provides wonderful biking and hiking trails for those who like to leave their comfort zone. The star of the show is the 5-lake Pizol hike, which passes by five aquamarine alpine lakes—delightfully milky in color from their glacial source. Alternatively, tee off on the oases of greens at one of the two golf courses surrounding the property.

242 rooms and suites, seven restaurants including Michelin-starred restaurants IGNIV and Memories, two golf courses, kids & teens club, 13,350 m2 (143,698 sq. ft) world-class thermal spa, medical center & clinic.

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