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Spoiled for sunshine, Scuol lies cradled between the Silvretta range peaks and the Engadin Dolomites, known for its Roman-Irish baths and unique mineral springs. Aristocracy, authors, poets and the like have been making pilgrimages to the spa town of Scuol since the mid-1300s. Today you can find the precious mineral water in Bogn Engiadina, the town's dedicated thermal baths, in the fountains or in the historical drinking halls dotted along the Inn River.


The layout of Bogn Engiadina is similar to most bathhouses—a series of indoor thermal pools where temperatures range from warm to hot, steam rooms, saunas, ice-cold plunge pools, and massage rooms. What makes Bogn Engiadina different from other thermal bathhouses is combining two distinct European bathing traditions—Roman and Irish. The Romans swore by the relaxing properties of steam, while the Irish placed their faith in hot, dry air. Bogn Engiadina marries the two to create one ritual and bathhouse—the first in Switzerland.

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Bogn Engiadina

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