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Tamina Therme

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Tamina Therme Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Photography By Twin The World Gallery

Tamina Therme (© Grand Resort Bad Ragaz / Photography by Twin the World)

A gleaming white temple of glass, water and clouded mist, the spa Tamina Therme is Bad Ragaz’s public bathhouse and a destination in itself.


Boasting several pools for wallowing in the 36.5 degree (97.7°F) thermal waters and having therapeutic properties, Tamina Therme is worth visiting to witness the ‘art of sauna’ which the locals have mastered so well.


Whether you chose to bathe in the bubble beds or visit the Sauna Village—offering rituals and spa ceremonies—your journey of aquatic discovery awaits.


The resort also offers private spa areas and ladies only timings.

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Tamina Therme

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