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Lake Poschiavo

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Lake Poschiavo Valposchiavo Turismo Gallery

Lake Poschiavo (© Valposchiavo Turismo)

One visit to Lake Poschiavo and you will be quietly pleased with the prehistoric rockfall which dammed this spectacular body of water many moons ago.


Nestled halfway between the Bernina region's Alpine glacial world and the Mediterranean-like vineyard terraces of the Veltlin, Lake Poschiavo is a jewel of glittering waters.


Attracting nature lovers and sports fans in equal measure, Lake Poschiavo is a perfect spot for swimming, fishing, or simply strolling along its beautiful shores. To catch a different view of the lake's forested banks merging high into the mountains, take a cruise and admire the reflections in its icy blue waters or sit bankside and try your luck at fishing in Switzerland.

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