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Le Prese

Known for its good food and lively culture, Le Prese and nearby Poschiavo are home to the glittering waters of Lake Poschiavo. Nestled halfway between the Bernina Region's Alpine glacier and the Mediterranean-like vineyard terraces of the Veltlin, this Italian-speaking valley is popular with walkers and foodies.

Le Prese is best explored by rail aboard the Bernina Express. Board one of the most spectacular train journeys in the world and expect sheer unbridled joy as you weave your way past both glaciers, palm trees and other incredible scenery that dreams are made of. It’s not hard to see why part of the route was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

The journey doesn't just impress with its incredible scenery, the simple pleasure of ordering traditional favourites such as fondue and other regional specialties served in cosy dining cars, are just another way to charm you in the moment.

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